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The Slow Down Collective is here

The Slow Down Collective is present. It is here to pull you out of your Sisyfos life and make you question the way you use your time and energy. We are only here on planet earth in a flash of a second. Therfore we need to dedicate time and intimacy with people and processes we not just like. But LOVE. We need to have fun and connect. And the only way of doing so, is to slow down.I will use this blog as speaking tube offering philosophy and experiences with The Slow Down Collective. Like the symbolism in the poppy rose, sometimes you need to let something die in the name of love. I will do my best to practise what I preach, and leave the things that are not important behind, to lead a slow and present life in stead.

“When a man writes letters to a woman, he does so to prepare the space, in which he will later approach and seduce her. And if the woman hides the letters, she wants to be discrete today, to protect the affair tomorrow. And on top of that, if she stores them, she does so because she is willing to understand this coming affair as a love story.”

I love letters. I love writing them, and I love receiving them. When everything becomes digitalised, the analogue world offers a way of standing still in something important. Receiving a letter from someone means that I know the person in the other end really felt strongly about the content of the letter and our connection.

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