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Bird’s nest – female power

What do you do, when you are all alone and feeling sensual?

I have always wondered, what other women did, when no one was looking. Polishing nails? Eating? Taking extra long baths? Looking through the garbage? Mastrubating? Putting on makeup? Talking on the phone?

I’ve had the privilege of following amazing women in all shapes and sizes to discover their unique trait as sensual females.

At home these women has shown me how they move around, smoke, drink coffee, take baths, sings, dances in underwear, plays, hear music, cries and all the other fascinating stuff they do, when they are all alone.

The truth is that women are beautiful. They take their time in enjoying their own beauty and sexuality, trying to get to know themselves.

I have such respect for this and the way, they embrace the cards they have been handed.

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